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The goal was simple enough: Bring together long lost friends for an Epic Dinner of reminiscing and catching up.

Simple soon became difficult.

I was connecting with one by text, one by Facebook, one by focused thought (for some reason, that one never showed up to our previous dinners), and one by email. Then it hit me: Why not practice offline what I preach online?

I ditched the phone, closed Facebook, stopped thinking, and sent a single email to the entire group. Difficult returned to simple and plans are now swiftly moving ahead.

Email is Still King

In How to Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers I talked about the dominance of email in online business. As much as certain gurus downplay its importance, email remains the best way to inform and interact with your audience.

Like a Ferrari in the carpool lane, it zooms past the clutter and congestion, placing your message directly in front of its intended audience.

I know the joys of having a massive audience and the pains of having it disappear (because of a gut-wrenching turn of events, I once lost 65,000 subscribers in a single afternoon). Take it from me, the bigger your list, the better your life.

To help you on your way, I’ve outlined six simple strategies you can get rolling in sixty seconds or less to build your email list. Running an online business can be a rough road, but like planning my Epic Dinner, sometimes difficult can be made simple.

1. Email Signature

Promote your website or, better yet, your lead magnet in your email signature. A few lines of compelling copy, along with the appropriate web address, is a quick and easy way to gain more attention and subscribers with every email you send.

One of my star clients, Joshua Wayne, puts this tip to use perfectly:

Joshua Wayne
Creator, Your Successful Teen

Are You Making These 7 Parenting Mistakes?

2. Lead Magnet Landing Page

Include social share buttons on your lead magnet landing page. You do have a lead magnet, don’t you? And you have a dedicated landing page for said lead magnet, right? If not, you’ve got some explaining to do. If so, spend a minute adding the ability to “Click to Share” to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

(If you’re not sure what a lead magnet or lead magnet landing page are, let me know in the comments. I’ll create a tutorial if there’s any need for one.)

3. New Subscribers

Invite new subscribers to share your website or lead magnet. As a member of my community, chances are you downloaded my free blueprint. Within it you’ll see two pages that invite you to spread the word with clickable links for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I added this feature in under a minute, but the benefits will last for years.

The PS of your first email to your new subscriber is another great place to ask for a share. Something along the lines of…If you liked your free guide and want to spread the word, click here…or…Know someone who could use XXXX? Click here to spread the word…will effortlessly bring you new subs.

(Tip: The link in the welcome email can connect directly to a social network or to a dedicated Share Page like this one.)

4. Content

Include a call-to-action in every piece of content you create. Add a sign-up box or link at the bottom of your blog posts. Include a note at the beginning or end of your podcast sending listeners to an easy-to-recall URL. Mention your list or lead magnet at the end of your videos, with the URL on screen and linked up in the show notes.

While many readers, listeners, and viewers will already be subscribers, many will not. A well-placed call-to-action will change that.

5. Go Offline

Include a teaser and link to your lead magnet on the back of your business cards, at the top or bottom of flyers, and any other offline material you produce. With the absolute saturation of smart phones, people no longer need to be sitting in front of a computer to consume your yummy material. Business card in hand, they can hop on your site and join your list in minutes.

As the world goes online, never forget the power of stepping off.

6. Thank-You Page Swap

Promote your website or lead magnet on a colleague’s thank-you page. This is a wonderfully simple, yet strikingly effective way to boost subscriptions. With just a minute of work you can put your brand and business in front of thousands of new eyes, drawing a great many back to your site and into your world.

You need only a friend in your market who is willing to promote your website or lead magnet on the page their new subscribers see after successfully joining their list. You then return the favor. (It goes without saying that you only promote the work of people you greatly admire and respect. The wrong partner can do irreparable damage to your brand.)

Reader Challenge

I ask each of my Six-Figure Expert Profile candidates the same wrap-up question: In six words or less, what is your greatest business advice? Now it’s your turn, with a twist: In six words or less, what has made the biggest difference in your business?


Jason Gracia

To answer my own question, let’s see…

Forming authentic connections. (Just three words! Beat that!)

Connecting with peers and subscribers has made the biggest difference in my businesses. I learn so much from both. Not to mention people are far more likely to promote my products and services–as well as invest in them–when they know I’m a real person with the sincere intention to make a difference in the lives of those I serve.

What about you?



What’s a lead magnet?


Jason Gracia

The answer will be on the way shortly. :)


Bea Kylene Jumarang

In six words or less – what has made the biggest difference to my business:

Persistence. (Boom, one word.)

My success has really come from this quality. I’ve succeeded because I’ve kept at it. I got up after every failure, I learned from every mistake, and I’ve never stopped trying to get better. I’ve also kept writing, but that’s a very writer-specific piece of advice. My general advice is to keep working for the dream you have.

If you believe enough in what you want to do, don’t say goodbye to it. If you fail, get up again. If someone says no, endure the no until you get to yes. If your blog is small, if you’re book isn’t selling, keep working. You don’t know how many people quit just before the top of the mountain. Imagine what could happen if you did the opposite – if you kept climbing. So yeah, persist. Persist and don’t lose faith in your vision. If you work hard, think smart, and connect with the right people, the world will reward you eventually. Success always comes to those who doggedly refuse to give up on the vision they have for their lives.

PS. Important – remember, work hard AND think smart. Be strategic. You can’t and shouldn’t persist in doing the wrong things. So really take the time to think about which activities have given, do give, or will give you the most value.


Jason Gracia

Touché, Bea. One word…and it’s a powerful one, indeed. We would all do well to read and remember your message, in good times and, especially bad.



Consistent Persistence In A Single Direction.

Let’s count that as 4 words. Or maybe it’s cooler that it’s exactly 6? :)


Jason Gracia

Excellent, Aviv! I’ll call it a perfect six. :)


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