5 Things to Come in 2014 (Most Likely 4)

by Jason Gracia · 10 comments

I’m thinking of starting something new.

Every year, right around January 1, I’m going to create a list of goals to work toward for the coming year. Changes to make, objectives to achieve. I feel really good about this idea, really…resolved.

Wait…what? People already do that? And they call them resolutions?? Ugh..always late to the party!

Well, despite my lack of uniqueness, I wanted to share with you my goals for 2014. I hope you’ll do the same.

Goal #1: Consistent Content

If you’ve been a reader or watcher, you know content doesn’t always arrive each week. I have no excuse, no brilliant strategy at work to explain the haphazard schedule.

Consistency is key to succeeding as an expert. In 2014, I’m going to walk my talk and deliver a new post or video every Thursday.

Goal #2: Outside Help

Despite the rumors swirling around this place, I don’t know it all. (I do, however, know most of it.)

Part of any great community is the infusion of outside thoughts and ideas and stories and strategies. Therefore I’m going to invite my online pals to pitch in from time to time, with guest posts, interviews, and the like to bring you fresh ideas that are working magic for six-figure experts.

Goal #3: Grow

I wouldn’t mind being a little taller. Though I’ve heard my chances of success are slim, I’m not giving up hope.

Goal #4: The Expert Library

This is one goal I’ve been excited about for some time. Already in action, I’m going to develop a line of online courses designed specifically for experts on the rise. Each course will tackle a specific problem, walking you step by step with print, audio, and video through proven solutions.

Gaining authority, growing your list, creating products and services, charging premium fees…all these and more coming your way.

Goal #5: VIP Days

Along with The Expert Library, I’ll also be launching VIP Sessions. Unlike The Empire Group, our ongoing monthly coaching programs, VIP Sessions will consist of half- or full-day power sessions (via Skype video) designed to help you get results NOW.

Need help getting started online? Guidance for quickly and easily growing your audience? Step-by-step advice for creating your first product? VIP Sessions may be just the answer.

It’s Your Turn!

Enough about me…I want to hear about your goals!

It might seem trivial, but putting your hopes and goals and dreams down on “paper” is a vital first step. It forces you to clearly articulate your future plans, giving rough ideas shape and distant thoughts gravity.

If you’re unable to write it down, chances are you won’t be able to achieve the goal either. So get to sharing! Post a comment below letting the community know your most important business goals for 2014. No idea too small, no dream to big.


Jason Gracia

What business goals are you going to achieve in 2014?



Work on clutter at home. I want to break this into small pieces and do one area at a time. Eventually by summer I’d like to tackle the garage! (And in case you’re thinking, “She needs the Get Organized Now site,” I’ve subscribed for years and even own a book from there. Just haven’t implemented enough of the wonderful advice.)

Improve my family’s diet. More fruit, more veggies, more fiber. Less fat.

Improve my family’s schedule (earlier bed time, earlier rising).

Increase activity levels of myself and family.

Get more done at work.

The hardest part of all of these is they involve other people, too. (The work one is mostly me but not completely.) But I have to do what I can do. My family may follow my lead on some of these things.


Bea Kylene Jumarang

Julinda – I share all your goals except improving the family schedule. I thought I might just offer a kind word. I think the way you’ve structured the uncluttering goal is great. One area at a time – it fights overwhelm.

That’s actually a smart way to tackle all big projects, but anyway.

On the diet thing. One big step I’ve done for myself is take out all the junk in the house. This way I’ve made a beach-head for myself. It’s measurable progress and it helps keep the rest of the goal on track. If there’s no junk in the house, it’s way easier to introduce healthier food and curb bad urges.

On the activity levels, maybe try a shared family activity? This way you all get to bond while raising activity levels on a collective basis.

Anyway, that’s all I can offer. Super best wishes on all your goals, and also, a year’s a long time. Tackle one goal every two months and hey, it’ll get done.



Thanks, Bea Kylene Jumarang.

And I just noticed Jason asked about BUSINESS goals, and mine were pretty personal. Sorry!


Jason Gracia

No worries! :)


Jason Gracia


Though not related to business, I love your list of goals, especially getting organized (my step-mother is an incredible resource with her Get Organized Now! brand). Be sure to keep us posted!



Bea Kylene Jumarang

My gosh, Jason. Five goals, one year. Your energy’s off-the-charts, but it’s a smart progression, because I see you’ve laid the foundation for the goals already. Also, I share the consistent content goal with you, by the way.

Anyhow, I actually have only one goal for 2014. It’s to write more letters.

I used to write dozens of letters, and I lost that in the haze of an expanding client base, plus the demands of a high workload. But here’s the big thing – what are letters? They’re just pieces of writing that build trust, give advice, and a few times they even offer comfort or help engender affection.

So I’ve bridged that with business. I’ve been paid for my writing before, and I’ve been paid for my advice about writing. So why not write letters that offer advice, therefore building trust and opening a new audience up to my expertise?

That’s my goal in 2014 – build an entire business around letters.

My business coach has called it “literary consulting.”

I’ve done some prep work anyhow – got a coach, talked to old mentors and my existing clients, and I also showed some “inaugural letters” to beginner writers who don’t know me. (I went to schools, really, beginners.) So yeah, that’s it.

2014 – build a sustainable business that lets me combine my love of letters, my love of teaching, and my love of people, all in one neat package.

I’d love to know though – what are your thoughts? You’re a mentor to me anyhow.

Thanks, and best wishes for your year, okay?


Jason Gracia


This is an intriguing idea. By ‘letters’ do you mean hand-written letters with paper and pen or digital letters such as blog posts, newsletters, etc.?




This year I’m finally going to start that singing teaching business. I’m going to blog about singing, offer paid for video lessons at the end of each blog post, and offer in-person and via-Skype lessons for a premium. :-)

I’m also building on my resolutions from last year about getting fitter/stronger by continuing a consistent three-day-a-week exercise routine (I struggled with ‘consistent’ last year!)

And finally, I’m also improving on my own voice by studying voice lessons from courses I’ve bought three days a week. :-)


Jason Gracia



I am pumped to see that you’re going to finally start your business. With your expertise and personality, I have no doubt it will be a winner. And we’ll be here throughout to give advice, support, and hearty congratulations.



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