5 Things to Come in 2014 (Most Likely 4)

by Jason Gracia · 10 comments

I’m thinking of starting something new.

Every year, right around January 1, I’m going to create a list of goals to work toward for the coming year. Changes to make, objectives to achieve. I feel really good about this idea, really…resolved.

Wait…what? People already do that? And they call them resolutions?? Ugh..always late to the party!

Well, despite my lack of uniqueness, I wanted to share with you my goals for 2014. I hope you’ll do the same.

Goal #1: Consistent Content

If you’ve been a reader or watcher, you know content doesn’t always arrive each week. I have no excuse, no brilliant strategy at work to explain the haphazard schedule.

Consistency is key to succeeding as an expert. In 2014, I’m going to walk my talk and deliver a new post or video every Thursday.

Goal #2: Outside Help

Despite the rumors swirling around this place, I don’t know it all. (I do, however, know most of it.)

Part of any great community is the infusion of outside thoughts and ideas and stories and strategies. Therefore I’m going to invite my online pals to pitch in from time to time, with guest posts, interviews, and the like to bring you fresh ideas that are working magic for six-figure experts.

Goal #3: Grow

I wouldn’t mind being a little taller. Though I’ve heard my chances of success are slim, I’m not giving up hope.

Goal #4: The Expert Library

This is one goal I’ve been excited about for some time. Already in action, I’m going to develop a line of online courses designed specifically for experts on the rise. Each course will tackle a specific problem, walking you step by step with print, audio, and video through proven solutions.

Gaining authority, growing your list, creating products and services, charging premium fees…all these and more coming your way.

Goal #5: VIP Days

Along with The Expert Library, I’ll also be launching VIP Sessions. Unlike The Empire Group, our ongoing monthly coaching programs, VIP Sessions will consist of half- or full-day power sessions (via Skype video) designed to help you get results NOW.

Need help getting started online? Guidance for quickly and easily growing your audience? Step-by-step advice for creating your first product? VIP Sessions may be just the answer.

It’s Your Turn!

Enough about me…I want to hear about your goals!

It might seem trivial, but putting your hopes and goals and dreams down on “paper” is a vital first step. It forces you to clearly articulate your future plans, giving rough ideas shape and distant thoughts gravity.

If you’re unable to write it down, chances are you won’t be able to achieve the goal either. So get to sharing! Post a comment below letting the community know your most important business goals for 2014. No idea too small, no dream to big.


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